Truffle Stories (Random Fanfic Episode 1)

Episode One:

Iced Tea

It was a normal day in the Organization. It began as usual: with a start-of-the-day meeting in the Room Where Nothing Gathers. Everyone filed in and took their seats, talking amongst themselves as they waited for Xemnas to appear and begin the morning assignments.

Xemnas appeared last, taking his place in the highest chair, a tall glass of ice tea in hand. He began to speak of the coming missions.

“We will soon begin another raid on Radiant Garden, as numbers of Heartless have begun to spike drastically there.” He took a long drink of tea and continued. “Saix will give you your assignments later. We will stagger our attacks and keep the numbers under control.”

Every few sentences were interrupted by sips at the glass, until at last only ice remained. With a flick of his wrist, Xemnas clattered the ice against the inside of the glass with a sharp ringing sound.

A black blur was seen by the few actually paying attention, namely Marluxia, Zexion, Larxene, and Axel. In less than a second, the blur had vanished. And Xemnas’s glass was filled to the rim with tea once more. He calmly took another sip and continued.

“After the first raid-“

“Where the hell did that come from?” Axel interrupted.

“This?” Xemnas looked down at his newly refilled glass and shrugged. “Do not worry about it. As soon as the first raid is over…” Xemnas continued with his meeting, ignoring the remarks and questions of the members. When the meeting was finally over, he set his half-empty glass on the armrest of the chair and vanished.

“…the hell is this?” Axel asked as he approached the Superior’s chair, nudging the glass as if it might suddenly levitate.

Larxene laughed. “I bet he just used a dark portal or something. He is the Superior, after all. Who knows what he can do?” She lounged against her own seat, content to watch the others figure out this mystery from a safe distance.

“Well glasses do not simply refill themselves,” Zexion scoffed. “So there has to be some reasonable explanation. Perhaps Larxene is right about this one.”

Marluxia, growing tired of all of the chatter, snatched the glass from in front of Axel and began to push his way out of the room. No sense in everyone staring at a glass all day when there was work to be done. But Demyx stopped him on his way out.

“Hey, Marluxia? What’s everyone staring at?”

“They were wondering why the Superior’s glass refilled itself during the meeting.”

Demyx’s eyes grew wide. “It did? But Mar, glasses don’t refill themselves, do they? How did he get that to happen?” Before Marluxia could react, Demyx had snatched the glass from his hand and was looking at it. “Did he do it like this?” he asked, shaking the glass so that the ice rattled against the sides.

Nothing happened.

“Must be the Superior after all,” Zexion said as Demyx regretfully set the glass on the floor and watched it as if it might suddenly fill again at any moment.

“Everyone get moving,” Marluxia sighed. “We know what we have to do today. Let’s find Saix and get our missions over with.”

“But Mar, the glass-“

“That glass-“ Marluxia waved a hand at the glass on the floor, “is NOT going to…” The glass was now completely full again. “Well shit. I suppose I could be wrong.”

“It’s possessed!” Xaldin exclaimed, pointing at the tea as if it might suddenly attack. “I bet it’s poisoned, too! No one touch it!”

The other members simply stared at the glass in silence for a long moment.

“Well, I’m not touching it,” Larxene stated, finally moving to leave the room. “I don’t even like tea.”

The others murmured agreement, leaving the glass where it sat on the floor. When Demyx glanced behind him as he left the room last, the glass had vanished completely.

“Uh… Guys, wait for me!” he squeaked as he dashed from the room.

* * * * *

The members gathered in the kitchen, having developed a thirst during the meeting after watching Xemnas sip iced tea the entire time. Upon entering the kitchen, however, they all stood frozen as they inspected the table, upon which stood a line of glasses with each of their names on them.

“Ooooh, strawberry milkshake!” Demyx exclaimed, immediately picking up the glass with his name on it. He devoured the drink quickly. “So good!”

“It’s poisoned!” Xaldin announced. “Watch this!” He picked up his drink, which contained something that looked like soda, and poured it out. The blue cup immediately refilled itself… and changed to a purple cup instead. “See! Why else would it fill up like that? Someone is trying to kill us all.”

Demyx went wide-eyed again. “A-am I going to die?”

Marluxia rolled his eyes. “No one is going to die. This is ridiculous.” He picked up his cherry soda and took a confident gulp of it. “We’re Nobodies. As if a simple poison could kill us.” He walked out of the room, leaving a much happier Demyx and a lot of suddenly eager members grabbing up their glasses and enjoying their favorite drinks.

Xaldin grimaced. “You’ll all see. This is poison!” He dumped out the contents of his cup once again, and glared at the blue cup in his hand which was filled once more with liquid. “Poison!”

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Xemnas was meeting with a dark figure within his room.

“Well, it is very nice to finally have a new member to the Organization. One who is actually worthwhile to have around. Welcome to Organization XIII.”

The dark figure nodded and turned to leave.

“Hold on,” Xemnas said suddenly. “I think you forgot something.

Upon Xemnas’s desk suddenly appeared a bowl of chocolate pudding, which Xemnas grabbed up immediately. “Carry on.”

The figure left the room.

* * * * *

Xaldin walked into the Grey Area where the others were awaiting the mission, holding a filled purple cup and still glaring down at it.

“Are you still going on about poison?” Larxene demanded. “I knew you were an idiot, but get real. Do you see any of us dying from poison? We all drank the stuff!”

Xaldin tossed out the contents again, growing angry as it refilled itself. “It’s poison, I tell you! Poison!”

“No it is not,” Marluxia scoffed. “If you are too afraid to try it, then put it down and forget about it.”

Xaldin stared at the blue cup in his hand for a moment, seriously considering his options. Finally he nodded. “It’s not poison,” he said, taking a huge gulp of it. He immediately fell over backward.

Oh my god, is he dead?” Demyx raced over to check on Xaldin, worry etched into his face as he shook the larger man. “Xaldin, don’t die!”

“You alright?” Marluxia asked, not sounding concerned at all. He kicked Xaldin’s foot impatiently.

“Sooooooo goooood!” Xaldin moaned, making the other members sigh in disbelief before they all left him lying uselessly on the floor. Xaldin looked around. “Hey, wait! It didn’t refill this time!” he whined. He shook his empty glass, and smiled when it refilled. “That’s more like it!”

Episode One End.

One on One Roleplay?

So, I am very new to Tumblr, and patience is needed. I am looking to roleplay, but up until now I have been roleplaying on forums. I am interested in roleplaying Kingdom Hearts, but only a one-on-one until I have learned exactly how this works. If anyone would like to roleplay, and would not mind helping a poor newbie out, please let me know. As far as KH goes, I am pretty good at playing Marluxia. :D I’m open to ideas if you have any, but I can come up with something if not. Hope to hear from someone soon!